Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

I am love.

You are fear.

I am presence,

You are absence.

I am generosity,

You are restraint.

I am energy,

You are stillness.

I am multiple expressions, words, melodies,

You are silence.

I am expansive, all encompassing, magnetic,

You are closed, finite, confined.

I am volcano, whirlwind, tornado,

You are space.

I am the river,

You are my banks.

I am courageous,

You are weary.

I am honest,

You hide away.

I am joy, radiance,

You want to embrace me.

I am candid,

You take a step forward.

I show myself naked,

You turn away.

I love you

Even when you don’t love yourself.

Standing there, at the edge

You cannot even dip your toe in the water,

Yet I am the ocean.

So where are we?

Swiss Int’l light. Likes to make magic happen ✨

Swiss Int’l light. Likes to make magic happen ✨