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  • Norman Tran

    Norman Tran

    I design how we design @Tradecraft. Ex @MissionU, @StanfordGSB, @IDEOTeachersGuild. Impish improviser. Junior jazz pianist. Passable poet. Alliteration addict.

  • Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.

    Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.

    Science Director Stanford U Center for Compassion|Author The Happiness Track|Contributor Harvard Business Review|Found

  • Rachel Greenberg

    Rachel Greenberg

    Wall Street Investment Banker → Entrepreneur & Startup Consultant. “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2020” Yahoo Finance. CEO of Beta Bowl. Mom of 3 furbabies ❤

  • Milly Shaw

    Milly Shaw

    Content Strategist

  • Adam Beal

    Adam Beal

    Writer & Brand Builder

  • Enough-ism Podcast

    Enough-ism Podcast

    This minimalist wants more. Enough-ism is about having enough, already. Featuring interviews and musings on meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.

  • Tara Sophia Mohr

    Tara Sophia Mohr

    Helping women play bigger in work & life. Advancing the idea that compassion is a form of wisdom. Loves writing, skies, and art.

  • Paolo Ferrarini

    Paolo Ferrarini

    Teacher, researcher, editor

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