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Last week, I got talking to one of my team members about online privacy: why it mattered to me and what were the steps I’d taken to create more security or privacy for myself online.

The prompt for our exchange was the flurry of news following the change of privacy policy from WhatsApp owner Facebook and its implications for users.

Parent company Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced back in 2019 that they would be working to merge their three messaging platforms — Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. At the time, it seemed to me like an obvious move…

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Staying in bed feels like a wonderfully tempting option at the moment. I contemplated doing just that recently, but then I realised that doing nothing was not the answer. That’s just not what I do. I got up and got on with life, work, chores. I did my best.

Because so-called ‘horizontal thinking’, a phrase coined by the writer Elizabeth Gilbert, is dangerous. She recently posted on Instagram about the siren call of the bed (or sofa) and urged people to: “Get vertical. Move your mind to a higher altitude, where the view is better”. I could not agree more.

When I was around 18 years old, I remember doing the dishes in the small rustic kitchen of our family home in the Geneva countryside, and asking my father point-blank why we were using cleaning products that were clearly bad for the environment. My father, taken aback, explained that the (Swiss) government couldn’t impose these types of decisions on any industry. It was a free market after all, he must have said, a bit annoyed.

I argued my point: what do you mean, if it’s bad for the environment, why can’t the government not make it a mandatory change and…

As a consultant, and prior to that as an executive, I have seen the word ‘strategy’ being brandished around almost like a magic wand that will solve all businesses pain points. The trouble is, people often lose sight of their intentions in lengthy strategy decks. Or in general. Companies, and people for that matter, often walk through the world without clear intention.

Journalist, curator and professor, Paolo Ferrarini was my guest for the seventh episode of Out of the Clouds, my podcast about the relationship between business and mindfulness.

During our conversation, he offered bold thoughts and wonderful insights on…

The Moschino puppet fashion show, with marionette models and audience
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Earlier in September, thanks to Zoom magic, I watched Vanessa Friedman interview a panel of designers and luxury fashion executives to debate: How Fashion is Meeting the Moment. The role of shows and presentations was discussed and how the pandemic reality has forced us all to live in an increasingly digitalised world.

The virtual round table included Virgin Abloh and Antoine Arnault and their diverging opinions intrigued me. I began to eagerly await Paris Fashion Week to see how they would indeed, each in their own way, meet the moment. I was even hoping for some inspiration.

I was not…

A study in convergence between what brings me happiness, my favorite word, and Ikigai

Procrastination sometimes leads us to exciting explorations. That’s what happened for me when I let myself be distracted instead of writing my ‘Looking Forward’ post a couple of days ago. Borrowing from my podcast Out of the Clouds, I indulged in looking for a point of convergence between my favourite word and what brings me happiness, so doing I might have found my Ikigai. This brought me to revisit the wonderful audiobook ‘The Art of Possibilities’ by Rosemund and Benjamin Zander as well as the English conductor’s phenomenal Ted Talk. …

Thank you Yugen for this really lovely interview

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The real difference between us and chimpanzees is the mysterious glue that enables millions of humans to cooperate effectively. This mysterious glue is made of stories, not genes. — Yuval Noah Harari

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Have you ever told an anecdote, in a casual setting, and found that you’d lost your audience’s attention (whether that was to a partner, family or colleague) or that they’d even moved on to another subject with someone else? Ouch, right?


That’s happened to me a bunch of times. Regardless of the amount of enthusiasm I put into it, my…

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2020 was full of new experiences for me, outside the main one of you know, a global pandemic and the continuous joy and fun it has entailed.Yes, last year, I became an author, a publisher and truly found my voice. Maybe not in the sense that you may understand it, I’m not Caitlin Moran (a writer I adore ) and I haven’t built a new HarperCollins — although this could be the future of Out of the Clouds; I am leaving that door open.

I became a publisher when I established and launched my…

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Does anyone else think social media and digital marketing is beginning to lose its soul? I was reminded of this recently when chatting to a digital marketer who I often collaborate with. She was struggling with one of her clients: The relationship seemed good, yet every few weeks it dipped, the client seemingly unhappy about results and sometimes querying the work that was being done. How I can relate to that!


Regardless of how clear the deliverables are, there is one area of business that still seems to be misunderstood by many: social media and digital marketing…

Anne V Muhlethaler

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